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My name is Aryana Wadhwani, the founder here at The World We Once Knew! We are so fortunate enough to have part of the Secretariat of Greening Education Working Groups and serving you view sustainable education through a neuroscientific lens. 

Our mission.

When I was 8 years old, my family took me on a trip to Mumbai, India. It was my first time visiting and I was beyond excited. However, as we drove through the city, the number of homeless people, the stench infiltrating the air, and piles of garbage on the streets took my breath away. India was once known as “The Land of the Golden Bird,” known for its beauty. The harsh reality and lifestyle of the vast homeless population disturbed me, and those moments made me want to restore the country’s beauty and charm.

My trip to India has inspired me to take part in the change of public health. Because of my passion, I have spent endless hours researching ways to solve this issue of pollution through the installation of carbon management, wastewater systems, and utilities. Finally, it has led me to take interest in studying biogeochemistry, environmental sustainability, epidemiology, and biostatistics. 

According to the Human Development Index and UNICEF, approximately 10% of families struggle from food insecurity annually, 45% of youth and adults suffer from climate anxiety, and household pollution accounts for the death of 500,000 children under the age of five. 

Our mission is to educate teenagers about the decline of public health and teach them solutions on how to underline the power of sustainability through a behavioral and neuroscientific lens, which will lead to the restoration of the environment and ultimately, humanity’s future.

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